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Safecation in Style!

Hi, my name is Lindsey Luellen, I am one of the two summer interns at Kate Edmonds Events this summer. We managed to twist her arm and take us on in the middle of covid-19, so you can imagine all of our interactions are virtual! I posed the question to Kate about how she managed to stretch a wardrobe meant for a business trip to Miami for 7 days that turned into a 3 ½ months stay in place in Florida. This is the result of our interview.

From the first of March, Kate and one of our team, Lucy went to visit all of Miami Beach's most glamorous hotels and wedding venues, sadly, most of their meetings were curtailed due to the virus.

As Miami shut down Kate and her husband moved to a small house in Fort Lauderdale. Lucky for them it came with a big pool. Kate set up a lovely office in short order that included a palm tree backdrop for all our video meetings. We had lots of work to do supporting all of our couples who now had to move their weddings, while meeting remotely our new group of clients planning 2021 weddings with Kate Edmonds Events.

So with that being said, let’s discuss how she made her wardrobe work!


Living in Florida for several months, you absolutely need a lightweight scarf and sarong. Kate brought along a Gucci silk scarf but wished she had a couple more cotton versions to wear as face masks to keep the virus away more stylishly or to wrap around her neck to keep the sun at bay.

Kate a Brit, is a Francophile so that explains Kate coming prepared with her Celine sunglasses and 5 different Eres swimsuits and bikinis!

Top: Mat De Misaine

While being in Florida, Kate purchased a Pin-Up tote from SoHo Beach House and found it to be so fabulously beautiful as well as unbelievably useful to carry all of her essential items, especially her baby laptop! It has a waterproof bag for swimsuits, an embroidered pouch that holds credit cards and that fabulous orange red Chanel lipstick that her husband added for her easter basket. Plus, how can you go wrong with the eccentric, boho print of the bag, with lots of pink and red to cheer you up?

Bag: Pin-Up Stars Yellow Slide: Clark's UK Sunglasses: Celine

Kate got a lot of use out of her Paula West Heritage saddle bags from England, one being black, and the other cream.They work with anything and your hands are free. You can even ride a horse with one!

A current passion for Kate has been the Australian company Zimmerman, who have taken resort wear by storm. They mix well-cut styles with lightweight fabrics and extraordinary patterns. She’s been loving her Maxi length linen dresses and her light pink leopard printed shirt dress this trip.

A tried and true basic that is very comfortable is a well fitting cotton t-shirt. Kate was lucky enough to stash a yellow, white, a khaki, and a pink one from J. Crew and Barney’s.

Talking to Kate she mentioned she was a bit short on bottoms. She ordered a polka-dotted swim skirt from Bergdorfs, and had a pair of cream city shorts from Zara. The only trousers she had were some old white bell-bottomed jeans from J Brand, that she ended up cutting off and a nice stretchy black pant from Theory. It all worked but some days the bottoms were a bikini.

As pictured in the images below, Kate regularly loves wearing her lightweight polo dress for walks on the beach or taking calls when she’s working in her home office.

Some of her favorite blouses she wears on a daily basis are her Anthropologie colorful embroidered top, her Love Shack Fancy chiffon top, and her fine white cotton Brooks Brothers shirt which she likes to wear for Kate Edmonds Events more formal video meetings.

Last but not least, two items that have made a huge difference in Kate’s Florida quarantine experience are sun hats with big brims. One of them is nice for a little stroll down the beach to keep the sun out of her eyes, and the other is all about glamour, and don’t forget about the red baseball cap she purchased from the Faena Miami. Her stay there tweaked her love of red accessories.

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