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Love Notes

Our clients are truly special to us....They aren't just customers, they're our lifelong friends!


Kate Edmonds is truly a master of her trade! She has a brilliantly creative imagination, an incredible eye for details, a wealth of knowledge & experience, and has developed thriving relationships with people throughout every aspect of the event planning industry. She is also charming, caring, hilarious, and, overall, a joy to be around. My husband and I spent over a year and half planning our wedding and Kate was our trusted guide from start to finish. Kate took our vision and exceeded every expectation by creating the most magical weekend of events. My husband and I come from different backgrounds and faiths. While we have very similar tastes, we also wanted to ensure that every one of our guests felt comfortable at our wedding. With Kate’s guidance, we were able to create a series of events that made every guest feel welcome, taken care of, and like they left knowing more about us and our communities. Over the years, Kate has developed incredible working relationships with countless amazing vendors. Very quickly, we learned to trust her referrals—that she knew who would best achieve our desired vision in each field. She also had the ability to coordinate all of our vendors throughout a full weekend in order to carry out a cohesive and exquisite vision from start to finish. Both my husband and I are in artistic fields, and we loved collaborating with someone who is masterfully creative. Kate not only has an incredible talent for design, she’s also quite skilled with the business side of the job. Throughout the planning process, she helped with contracts, sourced and researched everything from beautiful stationary to fancy handicapped port-a-loos, and beyond. Kate and her team also excelled at executing everything on the wedding weekend. They worked round the clock to ensure that all of our events were seamless and stunning, all the while, keeping a smile and positive attitude. It is clear that she truly loves this work. Kate’s indelible charm, experience, and knowledge came together to help craft a wedding weekend that was a perfect celebration of the life we’ve built together. We can’t recommend her enough. She is simply the best!

                                                                                                    -Bride, Carolyn B.

Kate and the entire team made our wedding weekend the most beautiful, fun, and (most importantly for me and my husband) stress-free!! We did not need to worry about one thing and were able to fully enjoy ourselves with our friends and family, which really meant the world to us. It’s been a couple of months since the weekend and I’m still in shock that this gorgeous wedding was actually mine!! Kate made the planning an enjoyable experience, which I never imagined was possible. During the weekend the entire team was constantly working to ensure everything went smoothly and that we were happy. I had always been worried about feeling stressed during the events and not being able to enjoy myself, but Kate ensured that my role of the weekend was to have fun. I’ve probably never been as relaxed as I felt that whole weekend. I actually miss getting together with Kate for planning meetings, it was that wonderful of an experience. I genuinely can’t thank Kate and her team enough for making this the best weekend of my entire life.

                                                                                                       -Bride, Brittany F.


Myself and my partner spent one Saturday interviewing about ten wedding planners over the phone. Kate was our last appointment. She explained the process in detail but was the only planner to offer to meet us. She said 'I'll come and meet you in person at your apartment.' I thought wow, how nice! From the moment Kate walked into our apartment with our personalized wedding folder (we hadn't even agreed signed a contract at this point), I knew our wedding planning was in the right hands. Myself and my husband are truly thankful that Kate was with us every step of the way. From the planning meetings we held with Kate over wine and beautiful cheese spreads (check out her Instagram for a flavor) to the site visits from Montauk to Manhattan. She took our ideas and transformed them into a live, seamless show. One I wish I could watch over and over! We continue to hear family and friends describe the event as magical and we couldn’t agree more! Her attention to detail and big heart (and bigger personality!) helped make our day unforgettable. Any couple/company would be incredibly fortunate and blessed with Kate and her team overseeing their event. Thank you so much again from the bottom of our hearts!


                                                                                                       -Groom, Robert D.

Untitled 2.jpg

Kate and her team worked with us over the course of 10 months to plan our big day. She really knows the industry well and has great relationships with vendors in all areas, some of whom we would never have found without her. She was instrumental in putting together what truly was my dream wedding day. We didn’t worry about a thing on the day of our event and our guests raved about the flawless execution and beautiful decor!

                                                                           -Bride, Susan L. and Groom, Brandon S.

0392 Tabrizi.jpg

Kate is simply amazing!! We hired the wrong planner prior to working with Kate and had to let her go for many reasons. We started working with Kate one month before the wedding as a result and I was so stressed. We wanted an elegant, simple, fun wedding with 80 guests. I also wanted this process to be easy and stress free and Kate was an angel send from heaven. She jumped in right away and knew exactly what to do. She has a great taste, is straightforward, and very easy to work with. A friend of ours who had used Kate's help for his wedding told us about her and only had great things to say about Kate and his wedding. We are so glad we listened to him! Having gone through what we went through with a planner, I would say the most important thing in this process is a great planner like Kate. She will make your life easy and your wedding beautiful and dreamy. Recommending Kate is a no brainer. We love her and feel like a friend!

                                                                                                       -Bride, Samira L.

My husband and I got married last month and were (very thankfully) able to lean on Kate Edmonds Events during the last stretch of wedding planning to help get us to the finish line. Kate is clearly an industry veteran, and her experience, discerning eye and excellent coordination and foresight will be invaluable in planning and making decisions. Her team is also superb and equally professional - we were so happy with their attentiveness, organization and quick thinking. Jessica led our day-of support, and we don't know what we would've done without her. Our wedding took place on two floors - not to mention the multiple getting-ready and photoshoot locations pre-ceremony - but Jessica and the team had all bases and details perfectly covered. They were so present throughout the wedding, in a way that gave me peace of mind to just enjoy the night! Several of our guests even commented on our day-of support team and how on top of everything they were. A big thank you to the Kate Edmonds team for helping a frazzled couple out when we were in over our heads.

                                                                                                       -Bride, Janet Y.

DSC_2496 copy.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 11.59.32

Kate Edmonds and her team were AMAZING for my wedding in September. She gave me her full attention, was never too busy to take a phone call and took a vision I could never even imagine and made it come to life. She took a space that was VERY difficult to make beautiful and made it one of the most beautiful venues I have ever been to. Kate and her team worked with us for months, stayed within our budget and literally made a dream wedding come true. The professionalism from Kate and her team and the laughs we had along the way were great. The day of the wedding was hectic due to wind but I had no clue because they did not want to stress me out. When I saw the final product of the rooftop to the restaurant I was in complete awe. It was amazing and everyone who attended the wedding said it was one of the most beautiful tasteful weddings. I cannot thank Kate Edmonds Events and her team enough. I highly recommend them!!! 

                                                                                 -Bride, Nicole Z.

Kate Edmonds and her team are top notch! They helped us to organize a gorgeous and elegant wedding for 60 guests in just 8 weeks. Kate is charming, funny and great company but at the same time she is highly knowledgeable, efficient, no-nonsense, has exquisite taste and gets the job done in the chicest way possible. And Jessica, one of Kate's awesome assistants, is absolutely wonderful. We could not be happier with our choice of Kate Edmonds Events (KEE). They are absolutely "can do". You worry about nothing when you hire this team. KEE deserves its consistently high rating. If we could give them 10 stars out of five, we would :-)

                                                                                                       -Bride, Gina L.

We gave Kate and her team 8 weeks to pull off an elegant 60 person wedding in a non-traditional venue. Piece of (wedding) cake!! What can I say? Well done team. You turned what can be a stressful time into an enjoyable process and ultimately into an amazing event. Even my male friends are still talking about it (that says it all, no?). Well done and for those reading this you will be well served by using KEE.

                                                                                                       -Groom, Steven F. 


Kate is amazing! Our wedding wouldn't have gone as smooth as it did without Kate. My husband and I wouldn't have changed a thing about the whole weekend and that is because Kate made it so easy for us to relax and enjoy our guests while she was off getting things done. The whole process of planning was very easy, to the point and fun, Kate made all my wants and dreams happen. Best wedding planner in NYC.

                                                                                 -Bride, Danielle V.

My husband and I Live in Florida and when we first decided to get married in our favorite City I knew I had to find someone great and flexible and who is able to handle a lot of things without me being present and someone who I can also trust. Wow, I sure found her! Kate and her Team went above and beyond to make our special day as beautiful as we could ever imagine! Kate was introduced through a very trusted mutual friend and when we first met she was very eager to get to know me, to learn what I love, and about my family so she could coordinate and choose a style and vendors that would suit our taste and the budget. While planning a wedding can at times be difficult and stressful, it is only amplified when you don't live close to where your wedding will take place. I have to say that my experience with Kate was like no other wedding planner that I've heard of. From picking the venue, a dress, cake, photographer, and to little things like creating a hashtag; she always made it fun and got us. She paid close attention to every detail and truly created the most amazing memory not only for our family but for every single person who attended. Our rehearsal dinner was beautiful and sophisticated as well and Kate's team worked with my husband to establish an alternate party venue for those guests who were not on the rehearsal dinner list. That too was amazing! There is nothing I would change about our wedding weekend and choices we have made. Not only I have the most wonderful memories of my beautiful wedding day but I also have great memories built throughout the year of planning it. It was the most memorable of times! KEE always gave me peace and confidence that if I'm not there things are still getting done! I am eternally grateful for everything and everyone and so glad we have made a friend like Kate for life!

                                                                                                                -Bride, Elena A.

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As a groom, you never realize or understand which part of the wedding preparations and planning you are supposed to be involved with. Sure, your fiancé says she wants you there through it all but you can hardly ever agree on what's right, what music to play or food to serve, band or DJ, champagne, cake, ugh! Guys am I right?

So as Floridians, when we decided to take a leap of faith and get married in New York where we have spent so many amazing times, we knew we wanted to invite several of our out of town family and guests and it only made sense to make it the fairy tale wedding that my wife and admittedly, I wanted to have. Our deepest concern was, how do we start?

When we caught wind  of an "amazing planner" based in NY from a very dear friend who had been witness to several spectacular events put on by a "celebrated star" of a planner we could not resist the chance to meet her and to discuss our vision. From the minute I got the opportunity to meet with Kate, I knew that if there was a fairy tale to be told of my love for my soon to be wife,   that Kate could author the story! 

From "hello" to "until again", Kate bedazzled us with her charming ideas and guidance but  to save time with the amazing details, I will take you to the happy fairy tale ending. The Kate Edmonds Events team pulled off one of the most remarkable and most exquisite weddings New Yorkers have ever been privileged to witness and we stopped the traffic in the streets of New York to reveal the most spectacular wedding of two insanely in love people who, just wanted to "keep it simple"... 

Kate Edmonds Events team and Kate, thank you so much for your vision, your direction, your focus, sleepless nights, your supervision and most importantly your love and friendship to deliver the most spectacular day in my life! 
                                                                                                               -Groom, Brian. A

Kate Edmonds Events coordinated my wedding event, from rehearsal dinner, to wedding ceremony and reception with no detail left to chance. The hotels, catering, venues, menus, flowers, candles, seating, stationary, and attention to my entire wedding party and family's every comfort and desire, Kate and her fantastic staff excelled. My wedding pictures captured it all. This was my response: Dearest Kate and Team As I peruse these wedding photos, I have sweet tears from memories of the most beautiful day in my life after the birth of my kids. I loved everything and every moment and these pictures capture it all. I will never forget, nor will I be able to thank you enough for this. I would change absolutely nothing given the opportunity to do this again. Instead, I can relish in the memories of this special blessing, to have lived this day and shared it with the people I love most in this world. What you have done to help turn this into a reverie cannot be described in my words. Thanks for finding Sean to put them into magical photos that will at least help us describe and save my fairy tale forever.                                 

-Bride, Karen L.

I miss my wedding! Three years ago Kate Edmonds helped me plan the wedding of our dreams. It was truly stunning. Can we please do it again?? My heart was set on elegance, impeccable taste, warmth and something memorable. That is truly the magic that Kate made happen. Her connections for all of the necessities- music, makeup, food, lighting, flowers, photography and the simply amazing wedding cake made this a joyful and exciting experience from beginning to end. We wished for our home, NYC, to be a key player in the feel of our party - a destination wedding for a large contingency of important friends and family from all over the world. Kate was able to give us our big traditional church wedding followed by a fabulous NYC cocktail party that our friends continue to reminisce about to this day. As a woman with a very keen attention to detail, in Kate I met my match made in Heaven. Her attention to detail, her gorgeous taste and charming staff just can't be beat. As a final compliment to KEE, last week a friend who just got engaged, called me first thing. She said that her and her fiancé looked at each other and said "we want Dana & Doug's wedding exactly." Magical and memorable. Thank you KEE. xo

                                                                                                     - Bride, Dana H.

We hired Kate to plan part of our "european" wedding in Southampton. We were not used to a wedding planner and were impressed by all the details she made us aware of during the planning and our fruitful meetings in New York to piece everything together. The contacts she provided us for food, flowers, photography, reverend and rentals met our limited budget without limiting the service. We could not have managed the planning over the distance and were pleased to have her on board. We are happily looking through our pictures. Her friendly staff were always helpful and proactive. I think handling just part of a wedding is not her normal style, but we were able to organize ourselves together and make our wedding as beautiful and unique as it was.

-Bride, Sabine B. 

Kate Edmonds Events made my daughter's wedding day a dream. She and her team suggested terrific ideas and vendors. Kate was such an asset the day of the wedding making sure all the guests were situated and taken care of. She kept us to our timeline and all went off without a hitch. I highly recommend Kate Edmonds Events. They are fabulous.

-Mother of the Bride, Martha G. 

"Edmonds knows how to throw a fete. She’s coordinated hundreds of weddings, from elegant affairs to funkier themes."

New York Weddings

"Frankly, she understands the American desire to mimic royalty on wedding days."

Mary Reinholz, Bridal Planner

"A charming Brit with great taste, Kate Edmonds Events is a fantastic choice for your wedding. Their events are organized, or rather, custom tailored to provide clients with the most personalized attention… we are known for meticulous attention to detail and beautiful events."

Quest Magazine

"I know Fred and I and our friends and family will remember the evening as absolutely magical."

Elissa Blesch

"The wedding was like a fairy tale… we thank you and your staff for our extraordinary wedding."

Amanda and Vitaly

"You are a true professional. You are incredibly spectacular at what you do. You do it with strength, style and grace. It was our great pleasure to work with you, your staff, and everyone you put us in touch with. I look forward to working with you again in the not too distant future and will recommend you highly to anyone who needs a hip, wacky, fantastic British event planner."

Rose Fiorilli

"Everything was just perfect! You have wonderful sources for these occasions and we are very happy we went with your suggestions."


"Our wedding was wonderful and you made it that way!!! Everyone who was there said it was the most beautiful wedding that they had ever attended. Kate, you took my little ideas and made them big. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It was a wonderful way to start our marriage and you can be sure that we’ll call you when we have other wonderful events to celebrate."

Jan Blaustein Scholes

"Nothing could have been better. The food, music, staff, flowers, cake and photographer were all wonderful. You name it and it was perfect!"

W. John Lewis, Father of the Bride

"This is a much overdue thank you for making my wedding everything I had dreamed of. Working with you was a real pleasure. Kate, thank you for making my fantasies come true."

Tania Osheowitz

"Kate Edmonds Events treated us like royalty."

Mr. Jawdee, Father of the Bride

"You did the most exquisite job – you have tell that you have a God given talent."

McElveen Designs and Antiques

"Thanks again for holding my hand and serving as my ‘bridal coach’!"

Marianne Donofrio

"George and I reminisce almost daily, as we continue to receive rave reviews for the ‘best wedding ever."

Robin Rivera

"Kate has the right blend of experience, a healthy dose of confidence, outstanding listening qualities and she is an articulate communicator. She has a well balanced approach to investing money in services with an eye toward a balanced budget for her clients."

Ellen Bocuzzi

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