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Private Parties

Private Party focused on lighting and chandelier

Kate has the gift of creating a compelling mis-en-scene evoking an atmosphere that transports those who experience it to another world or another time and above all creating an emotional response which, after all, is the defining truth of all art.


No amount of money can take the place of originality and sensitivity to beauty. An understanding of cultural context enables Kate and her team to host extraordinarily memorable events making real life seem far too dull.


This may sound a little over the top when talking about something as frivolous as a party, but when all the different strands of endeavor unite, the events are easily as complicated as any museum show or theatrical performance.


For many years, Kate has cautioned her clients that their event will be a Broadway show without a dress rehearsal! Luckily, Kate has run the show in her mind a thousand times from curtain up to finale.

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