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Trinidad's Fairytale Wedding

This past week was very busy yet rewarding for Kate Edmonds Events. Rounding out the weekend was the wedding of Sarah and Fawwaaz, a magnificent way to spend a Sunday. My staff and I have been planning this long distance wedding for nine months, and it was so rewarding seeing it all come together, and watching the delight on our Bride and Groom's faces.

The couple hail from Trinidad and Tobago, and are no strangers to traveling. In lieu of table numbers, we opted for table names; each table held the name of one of their favorite cities where they traveled to together. From Paris, where the groom proposed, to Cambridge where he went to school, and of course a special appearance from New York, where they spend a lot of time together, we were able to turn the mundane into a fun ode to the happy couple.

The personalized touches didn't stop there, whether it was their favorite mints and scented candles from the UK, or their beloved champagne, the luxe brand Krug that flowed all night much to the guest's delight. We also orchestrated a midnight snack of traditional Trinidadian corn chowder served to keep the guests dancing into the wee hours to the amazing after-party DJs flown in from their home town. To add to the fun of the after-party, we added a gentleman to hand roll fine cigars whilst guests enjoyed a drop of scotch on the rooftop overlooking a gorgeous view of Manhattan. As our couple are foodies, their gift to go had to be edible. We sourced artisanal, summer honey from our very own Hudson Valley. We packaged it in our office specially for the bride and groom, and displayed it against a flower covered peacock, Fawwaaz's favorite animal.

Kate Edmonds Events will always find a way to elevate your special day. We listen to your input carefully, and build on those ideas together. To hear about this event from our intern's perspective, and get to know us, please follow this link to our facebook page.

To see more pictures like the ones below, please follow this link to our instagram page.

If you are looking for someone to help transform an upcoming event you're planning, please reach out to us to schedule an initial consultation at the link below. Kate Edmonds Events would be happy to assist with weddings, corporate or private events, cocktail parties or intimate dinners, catering, tenting...the possibilities are endless, so don't hesitate to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you!

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