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Five Reasons a Wedding Event Planner is your Best Investment!

You’re Engaged! Congratulations!

Now is the right moment to hire the very best wedding planner you can afford.

1. The Big Picture

Your planner creates a unique perspective and overview of your entire day or weekend, taking into account your style, taste, budget, and your families’ story – creating the framework for a wedding celebration that is uniquely yours.

2. Location, location, location!

A knowledgeable planner is up to date and offers you the very best venues. They have the insight and vision to imagine your day and the logistics involved during the site inspections that can be so helpful. We can edit the choices so you are thrilled with all of the options and don’t waste countless hours of your time trying to find the perfect space.

3. The Wedding Shrink

Getting married can be stressful, partly because friends, families, and strangers offer endless advice and opinions! When you have a central team to make your big decisions with, it removes the stress to please everyone else, but yourselves so you can relax and enjoy the planning.

4. Your Planning Expert

Your Planner is your advocate. We have your back. The venue, hotel, wedding location, and country club have a quota of parties to book in order to beat last year’s numbers. Your wedding planner represents only you and your wishes so that you and your guests can enjoy a unique, one of a kind experience

5. Vendor Selection

A seasoned planner gets to know you very well and helps you select your vendors. Then, hires them in the right order, which is critical to the finished product. Booking the vendors is just the start – having them work in sync like a beautiful orchestra is what creates the magic!

If you have any questions or want help with your big day, schedule a complimentary consultation with Kate!

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