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Summer cherry and peach empanadas

We spent a delightful overnight in Phoenicia, Catskills with Marcey and her long time friend Stephanie. After a delightful morning ramble in the countryside we turned our attention to lunch or actually, I turned my attention to dessert!

Stephanie had prepared some buttery short crust pastry earlier and had pitted some wild cherries and chopped ripe peaches and they were now stewing gently on the professional stove. I suggested that we add a sprig of lavender to be trendy. I love a little herb with fruit.

The dough was rolled and we found a charming piece of pottery to cut out our shapes.

We needed a little flower to stop it sticking to the wooden board.

A single egg was beaten, it was bright yellow and we had collected it from some lovely hens not a 100 yards from the kitchen.

The fragrant mixture was carefully spooned onto half of the shell, do not overdo it or they will explode in your oven!

Then Stephanie sealed them with a knife, scored them and polished their tops with the beaten egg. We popped them in the oven and I ate mine later with a dollop of crème fresh. Superb!

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