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Things Party Guests Could Improve On

I’m always being asked by the press for tips to avoid faux pas so here’s our first suggestions:

Manners Maketh Man

We are noticing a naughty trend of guests not responding by the requested RSVP date. Even when a beautiful card and stamp has been provided for them. Worse, some guests don’t respond at all, leaving the host the responsibility to reach out to them. These are usually the same folks who want to bring guests at the last minute! Bringing a plus one to a party that hasn’t been invited is costly and inconsiderate.

Photograph: Custom invitation set designed in house

Musical Chairs

Our hosts hate it when their guests move their place cards around their table to sit next to the person of their choice after she has carefully thought through her seating plan. Worse still they even sometimes move their place cards from table to table, causing our clients a big headache.

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