Intimate Weddings

Thank you for coming onto our site and hello from the experienced team at Kate Edmonds Events. We are wishing you and your fiancé all the best as you navigate what normally is an entirely joyful process!

Micro Weddings are currently back in vogue responding to the challenge of our normal nuptial rituals, as Covid-19 plays havoc with our plans. A micro or scaled down wedding is any wedding from a tiny elopement, the traditionally secret or swift wedding of the couple plus a few others as witnesses to an intimate gathering of up to 50 guests. Kate Edmonds Events has for many years has been planning gorgeous small celebrations as well as our larger traditional weddings. Just because a wedding is smaller in scale, it doesn't mean that the celebration is in any way compromised. In fact, when I planned my own wedding with my long term partner last year, I chose to have a three-day celebration with just our immediate family and closest friends which ended up at 30 guests; it was heaven! 

Micro weddings are intimate and charming, or glamorous and fashionable, a much safer alternative to traditional big weddings at the present time. Our hard working team is available to help inspire, guide and plan your wedding in the safest way, putting in place strict and necessary protocols for cleanliness, social distancing, guest movement and general safety to put your mind at rest. This is one of those times that I am so happy that I have a background in the medical field as an RN. I have personally spent the last five and a half months keeping up with the latest scientific guidelines, doing the research and communicating with my peers to develop new protocols. We have been in close contact with all of our highly rated vendors and are up to date with all of the best presentation and precautions in food and beverage. We are also providing some consulting to our industry friends who are facing many challenges.

Kate Edmonds Events is offering both full planning and design for micro weddings as well as consulting for couples who have to downsize their wedding, move their wedding, or generally reconfigure their plans and implement new safety measures. Our wedding planning packages start at $3,800 dollars and our consulting package starts at $175/hour with a ten-hour minimum. Please tap the button and secure your complimentary consultation with Kate. We can help aleviate all your stress while taking care of the pressing details and you can get back to being in love!