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Intimate Weddings

Thank you for visiting our site, and hello from the exceptional team at Kate Edmonds Events! We wish you and your fiancé all the best as your plan the perfect wedding during a challenging time.

Micro Weddings are back in vogue as Covid-19 disrupts our plans for normal nuptial rituals. But fear not! A micro wedding can be anything from a secret elopement with a few close friends and family to an intimate gathering of up to fifty guests. For many years, Kate Edmonds and her team have been planning gorgeous small celebrations as well as larger traditional weddings. Just because a wedding is smaller in scale doesn't mean it can't be just as stylish. In fact, when we planned Kate's own wedding with her long-term partner in 2019, she decided to have a three-day celebration with her immediate family and closest friends, totaling 30 guests. It was heavenly! 

Micro weddings can be intimate and charming or glamorous and fashionable. Whatever your taste, they are a far safer alternative to any traditional big wedding in such uncertain times. Our industrious team is available to inspire and guide you, planning your wedding with you and your guests' safety in mind. As a Registered Nurse, Kate has committed months to researching the latest scientific guidelines and communicating with her peers to develop new and safe practices. We have put in place strict and necessary protocols for cleanliness, social distancing, guest movement, and general safety to put your mind at ease, and our highly-rated partners are up to date with all of the best practices in food and beverage. Additionally, we now offer on-site and pre-wedding Rapid and PCR COVID-19 testing.

Kate Edmonds Events is offering full planning and design for micro weddings, as well as consulting for couples who have had to downsize their celebration, move their wedding, or generally reconfigure their plans to implement new safety measures. Our Micro Wedding planning packages start at $3,800 dollars, and our hourly consultations are $175/hour with a 10-hour minimum. Please tap the button below to secure your complimentary consultation with Kate. We can help alleviate your stress and address the pressing details, leaving you more time with your loved one!

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