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French Fantasy 

Photography: Michael Mann Photography

Our Story

Originally when we thought of our wedding, the wedding planner's wedding, we jokingly fantasied that we wanted to get away from it all and have our wedding in the summer months in France. Soon the little idea became a reality when the groom found the perfect private chateau in an area that the bride had always wished to visit. Somehow 15 guests became 30 and 1 day became 4 days of heaven. Welcome cheese and wine parties, hot air ballooning, medieval castle visiting all fit in beautifully to the overall plan. We kept our cool with the help of the on property piscine. We had elegant family style breakfasts in the generous chateau kitchens. Our rehearsal dinner took place in a presidential palace a few miles away, on our return we were entertained by a talented guest on the piano. We married in the tiny private chapel with an English speaking minister before moving into a lengthy dinner incorporating all the gastronomic delicacies that the region is famous for, dans la forêt.

As a little treat to ourselves we flew our dear friend and Kate Edmonds Events DJ in from New York! 

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