Romantic NYC Wedding

Photography: Bryan Sargent Photography

Our Story

The wedding for this chic and modern couple was an absolute delight to plan! Janet and Daniel had a gorgeous end of summer wedding, starting with a romantic sunset ceremony overlooking the city. Specialty cocktails were served as guests enjoyed the view from the terrace and professional illustrators milled about sketching the guests. The party continued so far into the evening the bride and groom brought in their shared guilty pleasure of New York style pizza for their guests to indulge in to finish the night! 

Love Notes

"My husband and I got married last month and were (very thankfully) able to lean on Kate Edmonds Events during the last stretch of wedding planning to help get us to the finish line. Kate is clearly an industry veteran, and her experience, discerning eye and excellent coordination and foresight will be invaluable in planning and making decisions. Her team is also superb and equally professional - we were so happy with Jessica's attentiveness, organization and quick thinking. Jessica led our day-of support, and we don't know what we would've done without her. Our wedding took place on two floors - not to mention the multiple getting-ready and photoshoot locations pre-ceremony - but Jessica and the team had all bases and details perfectly covered. They were so present throughout the wedding, in a way that gave me peace of mind to just enjoy the night! Several of our guests even commented on our day-of support team and how on top of everything they were. A big thank you to the Kate Edmonds team for helping a frazzled couple out when we were in over our heads"

                                                                                                                     -Bride, Janet Y.