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Happily Ever After

Photography: Sean T. Smith

Their Story

What an honor it was to plan the wedding celebration for Reverend Ousley and his beautiful bride Dana in our gorgeous Episcopal church across the way from my office. Three hundred and fifty people enjoyed a church full of flowers and joy, followed by a moveable feast styled party providing a supper, and festive entertainment elements. The entire neighborhood were present at the party to wish this couple health, wealth and happiness, sending them on their way to their honeymoon in the French Riviera.

Love Notes

I miss my wedding.! .....Three years ago Kate Edmonds helped me plan the wedding of our dreams. It was truly stunning. Can we please do it again??. My heart was set on elegance, impeccable taste, warmth and something memorable. That is truly the magic that Kate made happen. Her connections for all of the necessities- music, makeup, food, lighting, flowers, photography and the simply amazing wedding cake made this a joyful and exciting experience from beginning to end. We wished for our home, NYC, to be a key player in the feel of our party - a destination wedding for a large contingency of important friends and family from all over the world. Kate was able to give us our big traditional church wedding followed by a fabulous NYC cocktail party that our friends continue to reminisce about to this day. As a woman with a very keen attention to detail, in Kate I met my match made in Heaven. Her attention to detail, her gorgeous taste and charming staff just can't be beat. As a final compliment to KEE, last week a friend who just got engaged, called me first thing. She said that her and her fiancé looked at each other and said "we want Dana & Doug's wedding exactly." Magical and memorable. Thank you KEE. xo                          

                                                                                                                - Bride, Dana H.

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