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Photography: Cielito Vivas

Their Story

Once in a while a bride and groom connect with us in the late stages of planning their wedding not quite realizing the largess of a wedding ceremony and reception in a blank space. In this case, there was also some family illness that resulted in everything coming together at the last minute. It was our pleasure to aid and albeit this talented couple and help them produce the wedding of their dreams in collaboration with our longtime friends Robert Bardin and Robert Palomo. This quirky loft in Brooklyn indeed called for everything to be brought in and curated from scratch, culminating in a gorgeous early Spring wedding.   

Love Notes

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Kate and Jessica were the best thing that ever could have happened on our wedding day. We thought that we were going to be able to handle all the "Day-Of " details until we got about a month away from our wedding day and luckily we reconsidered. Kate swooped in and thoughtfully took control of all the little pieces that build up to be a lot. Everything from things you may have forgotten (programs!) to things you certainly don't want to do on your special day (escort cards!), she and her team handled with care and precision. They are absolute class! Our guests couldn't believe how smoothly and seamlessly everything went. THANK YOU!!!

                                                       -Bride and Groom, Sophie B. and Marty D. 

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